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This machine kills rapists.

The Pink Sorrys is an acid punk Bollywood musical about a group of women taking hyper-violent vigilante justice against rapists in India.

Inspired by the Gulabi Gang, the film follows a trio of sari-clad women as they deliver brutal revenge to a team of gang rapists.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

- Todd Aikin, an actual congressman

- – -

“Feed them their fucking dicks.”

- The Pink Sorrys

– –


Hello, we are Ben Stoddard and Anam Syed and we are making a short film called “The Pink Sorrys.” It is a hyper-violent musical about the real gangs of Indian women who enact vigilante justice against rapists. Think of it like the Bollywood Inglourious Basterds.

Talking about rape in South Asia is a thorny subject fraught with landmines about race, culture, religion, misogyny, traditions, and a bunch of other bullshit that doesn’t do a damn thing except give everyone a reason to not tackle the issue.

Which is to say nothing about our problems here at home, what with Emily Yoffe writing for Slate that rape victims should just stop getting drunk, or a Wisconsin State Senator saying, “some girls, they rape so easy.”

Look, R. Kelly and Chris Brown are at the top of the charts; Roman Polanski’s got an Oscar; all we’re saying is let’s have at least one movie where a gang of women catch a bunch of rapists and beat the daylights out of them with cricket bats.

This film is not going to fix the problem. We are not the police and we are not the politicians. But the silence on these sorts of things is deafening and what we are is a team of artists who are very loud and very obnoxious and determined to make noise the only way we know how.

We hope to make a film that is unflinching and singular in vision. We want it to be visceral and disturbing and darkly funny. We want to create something you almost feel guilty applauding. And it’s a Bollywood musical with a jangly, bop-punk soundtrack because, come on, it sort of has to, right?

If you care about the rights, safety, progress, and happiness of women around the world, take 20 bucks out of your pocket and give it to the Malala Fund. It’s the cost of, what, two well drinks in WeHo? (or SoHo for our NY friends) You won’t miss it, just do it.

After that, if you still have a little extra beer money and want to help us make a movie where the bad guys really lose, we would be incredibly grateful for your support. We are trying to make the most beautiful, most polished film we can and that means paying for the best talent and using resources to make a vibrant, unique world.

Our Kickstarter

Thank you for anything and everything and thank you for taking time out of your day and space out of your head for some things that matter. I will leave you with a what Abhijit Mukherjee, THE SON OF INDIA’S PRESIDENT, recently said about rape protestors (and I quote):

“These pretty ladies coming out to protest are highly dented and painted.”

We are. We are messed up and mean and we are coming for you.